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Friday, June 12, 2009

Inspired by Snapple???

Yesterday I was at the mall with my daughter. We ate in the food court and we drank our favorite drink - Snapple Peach Ice Tea (full strength, not diet). Every time we have it, my daughter says to me, "Daddy doesn't let me drink this." I always smile and say, "I know." She always smiles back and yesterday was no different. A little mother~daughter secret. You likely know that inside each Snapple cap is "Real Fact." I found yesterday's fact interesting....

Really??!! Wow!!
Well in that case, we'd better make it worth while.....

Unfortunately, I am unable to use YSL's luscious lipsticks as I have never found a color that suits me. I have to mix. Plus I really like the long-lasting ones. I use Revlon Color Stay Overtime. I mix Always Sienna with Timeless Nude. During the day, I use less Always Sienna, more Timeless Nude; at night visa versa ~ especially if I am going out on the town - more pop. I thought the Snapple fact was interesting and stuck the cap in my pocket. Next I went to my Clinique Counter to by my various lotions and potions that I was running low on. At another counter, they had a beautiful display of lipsticks. Given my Snapple cap, I ventured over to look. Wow, do they ever have some interesting colors out there. Being who I am, I almost immediately started thinking of color palettes and pops. I took note of the lipsticks that caught my eye (not that I would actually wear them but they certainly caught my eye) and searched for examples on the Internet. Found them! Next I looked for examples of the colors in designs - as the foundation of the palette or as pops. Found them too! I had a lot of fun with this. Inspiration comes in many forms and from many places - always be open - it simply is more fun that way! The images are from Traditional Home, a favorite publication of mine ~ except for the last one ~ that image is from Sarah Klassen's blog ~ Haute Design ~ who I read daily ~ I just think she is a huge talent. Enjoy!
FYI - I am signing off for a stretch. Today my daughter graduates from kindergarten and then we are off to Disney World. If I see any design inspiration there - and you know that I will - I'll fill you in when I return.

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